3 Ways To Use Google Analytics To Improve SEO

\Who doesn’t want to know what content is bringing visitors to their website? Is the content engaging visitors? Am I missing any opportunities?

These questions are frequently asked by business owners and marketing managers. Why? If you can understand what is bringing visitors to your website and what makes them stay you can easily grab opportunities to bring more people to your website. Great news! You do not have to be a marketing expert or SEO guru to figure this out. Google Analytics has done the analysis for you and provides it at no charge.

3 Ways To Use Google Analytics To Improve SEO

1. Connect Search Console in Google Analytics

After you have clicked All Products, look to see if search console is connected. If not, follow the directions to connect.

You are now ready to rock it like Davy Crockett.

2. Use Landing Pages in Search Console

The first place we like to look is Landing Pages. Add the secondary dimension of Source/Medium to find out which organic content is getting the best traction. It will look like this.

As you can see from the image, Google has done the work for you.

A favorite place to start for us is Low Bounce Rate and poor Average Position. A low bounce rate means the content is engaging and moving buyers through the website. Improving SEO for these landing pages is low hanging fruit.

If you click the Landing Page in Google Analytics it will provide you with the actual queries people used that made your content appear in their search results. Now get to work and improve the content and meta description and this will improve your ranking in search.

3. Use Queries in Search Console

All this information is provided in Queries in Google Search Console. We like the add in from KeywordKeg that provides Monthly Volume, CPC and Competition.

High Monthly Volume and low Competition ( the bigger the number the greater the competition) are great opportunities to focus on improving SEO. Remember, search engines like Google hate keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is just throwing the word on page as many times as possible without context. Take your time and write content that incorporates the keyword or phrase in a natural context that is beneficial to the reader. While it is important to write for SEO, a human being is actually going to read it. Readers bounce off your website, not search engines.

Connecting Search Console in Google Analytics provides a wealth of information to help you improve SEO. We highlighted these 3 Ways To Use Google Analytics To Improve SEO. There are more. Ready to talk about them?

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At the end of the day, you just want your online marketing to do what it is supposed to do and grow your business!