7 Benefits of a Customer Journey Map

A customer journey map is one of the best tools to see how customers engage with your business and understanding the mind and emotions of your customers. Customer journey maps provide a visual storyline of exactly how a customer interacts with a business. Companies can use these to derive many benefits; some of the most prominent benefits of customer journey maps include:

Better understanding of customers and pain points

Customer journey maps enable businesses to understand and visualize their customers’ interactions with their company. With a customer journey map, you can visualize exactly where a customer is in their interactions with a business and get an accurate depiction of their emotions. By being able to understand this, companies can understand what causes pain points and help improve or remove them completely for the customers’ experience.

Improve customer experience

After understanding the customers and pain points, businesses can start effectively improving the customer experience by focusing on what delights the customer and removing any friction in the customer lifecycle. With a customer journey map, a business can identify gaps in services or communication with the customer. By addressing these gaps, they can improve the customer experience significantly.

Predict customer behavior

With the visual representation of the customers’ experience provided by a customer journey map, a business can start predicting customer behavior. Businesses can identify all the touchpoints that a customer has with their company and figure out the ways a customer reacts when they reach that touchpoint. This can help predict sales in addition to the operations that a company needs to ensure they service their customers.

Customer retention

Customer journey maps enable businesses to see exactly where they are losing customers in the customer lifecycle. This exhibits the customer churn a business has and teams within the business can work to remove roadblocks that cause the loss of customers. By identifying and combating customer churn, businesses can improve their customer retention and add significant revenue to their bottom line.

Increase sales

A customer journey map is a vital tool to improve sales. When a company understands exactly how their customers are acquired and interact with their business, they can make adjustments to keep more customers and use cross-selling and upselling to generate more revenue. Additionally, businesses can personalize their marketing strategies to target customers in their journey maps and this can convert to more sales.

Cross-team collaboration

The majority of companies have siloed teams that work disjointedly to meet customer demands. A customer journey map requires all teams to understand each point of the customer interaction with the business regardless of which team is in charge. This helps teams have common goals and perform cross-team collaboration in addition to reducing fragmentation in the business.

Reduced costs

All of the benefits of a customer journey map like better understanding of customers, improved customer retention and predicting customer behaviors allow businesses to reduce their costs tremendously. When a business truly understands their customer with a journey map, they acquire customers at lower prices and retain them longer. This leads to more profitability, increased sales and more effective marketing campaigns while spending less.

The more touch points you add to your process increases your cost of acquisition! Get out of the way and let people to do business with you.

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