How Do I Make My Business Services Show Up Search Results?

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3 min readAug 12, 2022

You can do a few things to help your business services appear in search results. First, make sure you have a robust presence on social media. Be active on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and post regularly about your business and services. Include links to your website and blog on your social media profiles.

It’s worth learning more about the Google Business Profile and Maps listings. Then, when a small business site shows up in these results, nearby shoppers may visit and buy.

If your business provides multiple services, you’ll want to ensure they appear in search results. Google Business Profile and Maps listings are a great way to get exposure to nearby shoppers.

Here’s how to get started:

Set Up Your Google Business Profile — All business can claim their business profile by logging in at Google Business and following the instructions. Generally, the company sends a postcard to verify your address and then grants access to the tools.

Optimize Your Business Profile — Complete as many fields as possible to create a comprehensive business profile. Then, follow the same principles you do to SEO your main business website with your profile. That makes the profile page a destination in its own right.

Add Photos, Enhanced Text, Videos, And Other Rich Media To Your Listing — Use an extensive array of media types to augment and improve your listing. Each one will widen your net by making your profile attractive to a broader audience.

Encourage Customers To Leave Reviews — Some people check for online reviews before choosing to do business with a vendor. Therefore, encourage your clients to leave honest feedback on popular platforms like Facebook, Google, and Yelp whenever possible.

Monitor And Promptly Respond To Reviews — Good or bad, it’s always best to respond to client reviews quickly, politely, and professionally. All feedback presents an opportunity for you to learn and grow.

For hot-headed owners and employees, it may be best to use a third-party service to monitor and respond. Any harsh words from firms to customers have significant blowback.

Optimize To Maximize Results

In addition to other steps, optimize your website for search engine keywords and phrases. Include relevant keywords in your website content, titles, and tags. Promote your business through online directories and review sites. These tips can ensure your business services appear in search results.

You may also target additional keywords depending on your specific industry and location. Finally, it helps when you establish real-time analytics for tracking, monitoring, and tweaking your pages to maximize your results. Companies that spend money on SEO, blogging, social media marketing, and paid ads must analyze visits. Doing so will help them make changes when necessary, whether on-page content, product and service offerings, or messaging.

As you may know, activity is required to succeed with digital marketing. Small businesses have to update their websites and social media profiles continuously. For many companies, that puts a strain on operations because their staff doesn’t have enough time or training to maximize marketing results.

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