How do you create content for small business marketing?

Creating content for small business marketing is a process that emphasizes achieving objectives. Every online business starts with a goal in mind, and their website and supporting apps exist to boost their revenues. Once you know, for instance, that you want your website to capture more leads for your sales team, it’s straightforward to implement in the design.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question — the best way to create content for small business marketing will vary depending on your business, products or services, and target audience. However, some general tips can help you get started:

Answer Questions Your Customers Are Asking!

Keep Things Simple — When it comes to small business marketing, less is often more. So write clear and concise copy that gets straight to the point.

Be Personal — Connect with your readers personally by writing in a friendly, conversational tone.

Focus On Your Ideal Customer — When creating content for small business marketing, always keep the reader in mind. What are they looking for most? In which ways will your product or service help them?

Be Original — Stand out from the competition by creating fresh, original content that will capture your reader’s attention.

Keep Things Brand Positive — Make sure your content reflects your brand’s personality and values.

Get Help From A Professional — If you’re unsure where to start, consider working with a content marketing agency or freelance writer who can help you create high-quality content for your small business.

A solid content marketing strategy is helping businesses worldwide attract new customers. If you’re ready to develop one, our team can help.

Content Must Solve Your Ideal Customer Problems

People aren’t just reading web content for enjoyment. They want answers to questions. If your company sells air purifiers, you’ll educate consumers on the dangers of pollution and how your product helps. Supporting content might be video testimonials from customers using the solution or telling others what they think.

Built into this content funnel will be CTAs or Calls to Action. These mechanisms are ideal for analytics tracking and conversion optimization. An example would be prompting users to enter their email addresses to download an Air Quality Report. Once they do, the marketing department will have a fresh lead to assign to the sales team.

If the product is low-cost, the CTA would be a direct link to purchase. The content surrounding this type of action might include articles that explain how to use the solution for specific problems. These pieces may link directly to the product page, increasing sales and search engine visibility.

Don’t Forget Your Keywords!

Before creating business marketing content, it’s worth the effort to conduct a thorough keyword analysis. Commercial intent keyword phrases with low competition are a fast way to gain targeted conversion traffic. However, keyword research is complex, so it might be best to outsource the work to a qualified expert service like Analytics That Profit to reap the rewards of having a robust online presence.

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