How Getting More Facebook Page Likes Is Not A Marketing Strategy

Marketers everywhere are going to hate me for this article. Why? It seems the universe is convinced that getting more Facebook page likes is directly related to business success.

Despite all the hype, I just have not seen any data showing a direct causation between getting more Facebook page likes and increased business revenue. So, should you just ignore your Facebook page or even delete it? Depends on what you want your Facebook page to do.

The data below is from a provider of services in very niche marketing verticals. Not only is everyone not their customer, each marketing vertical has very specific requirements and this requires content to address each marketing vertical. Definitely not a one size fits all content marketing approach.

As the data above shows, we have created marketing content for their Facebook page that is engaging and has directed traffic to their website and generated quotes.

A business Facebook page can create interest in your product and lead to website visits that can increase sales. This has nothing to do with Likes. Engaging content that drives people to your website to consume more content that leads them through the buyer’s journey is an effective marketing strategy. Facebook page likes don’t mean shit! You can’t cash Likes at the bank. Instead of spending resources to acquire more Facebook likes, spend the money on a therapist (some people do call me the real Dr. Phil) or better yet spend it on quality content that engages your potential customers.

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At the end of the day, you just want your online marketing to do what it is supposed to do and grow your business!