HubSpot Productivity Hack | Snippets

What exactly is a snippet?

I don’t know about you, but I find myself typing the same things over and over on a daily basis.

Can’t quite turn them into an email template because I don’t use them in every email.

You know, the old school way would be to have a Word document and you cut and paste.

Snippets are a great time-saver.

Source: HubSpot

A snippet is a message that you’re going to use repeatedly. You don’t want to retype it five or 10 times a day, so you just simply create a snippet.

So go over here in HubSpot to Conversations, then Snippets, and now I’ve created this snippet just for test purposes called Great Message.

Personalize Your Snippet

You can put personalization inside of it. First name, company name. You can put a hyperlink.

So if you find yourself typing these sorts of things multiple times a day, a snippet is a great productivity hack.

Use Snippets in Emails

So we’re going to call this snippet Test, we’re going to save that snippet, and now we’re going over and create an email.

So I will send Phil Wiseman this great snippet test email. So instead of, “Hey Phil, how’s it going? “Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

Instead of doing all that, I’ll just go to Snippets, click Snippets, and boom.

You see, now I have added a personalized message to an email using snippets inside of HubSpot, one mouse click, no cutting and pasting.

A great time-saver, a great productivity hack. Hey guys, be more efficient, make more money.

If it is true that time is money, then you need to save time and make more money using snippets.

Not sure if you are getting the maximum ROI from HubSpot? Maybe you just want some one on one coaching and training.

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Source: HubSpot

Originally published at on May 26, 2020.



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