Using Google My Business as a Lead Generation Tool

What exactly is Google My Business?

This is what a “ice cream near me” search looks like from Google My Business.

Here are a few easy things you can do as a business owner to take advantage of this FREE lead generation tool called Google My Business.

Verify Your Google My Business Page -It is FREE. Your business contact information, hours, phone, website, reviews, photos,etc are posted for the world to see at no charge to you.

Post on your Google My Business page- read this article for the step by step details.

Set up messaging on your Google My Business page- Check out this blog post for step by step instructions.

Think of your Google My Business page as a mini website. It must be feed with content to keep it relevant. Google will send reminders when they think you need to post new content.

How To Use Google My Business As A Lead Generation Tool

What’s New- This is a great medium to promote blog content, white papers or announcements.

Events-promote you open house, webinar, trainings, etc.

Offers- coupons, specials, sales, etc.

Product- What you have and what it costs.

Think of your Google My Business page as a mini website. It will need fresh content and management. It is not a set it and forget it platform. The good news is that Google will send you a reminder when you need fresh content.

At Analytics That Profit we are convinced that Google My Business must be a part your SEO and Lead Generation strategy. We include Google My Business page optimization and management with every client retainer. We have seen the results firsthand for our clients.

Do you want more phone calls to your business?

Need more website visitors?

More visits to your location?

For more ideas visit How To Build A Marketing Program.



At the end of the day, you just want your online marketing to do what it is supposed to do and grow your business!

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